Each student who comes to the New Story Lancaster School has a very personal and unique story. Our students are exceptional in many ways, but have reached a point in their education where inappropriate behaviors have either limited their educational and social development or that of other students.  They need help and New Story offers each and every one the opportunity to begin a new story and write new chapters filled with hope and success for the future.  Our goal is simple, we strive to teach the students the necessary behavioral, educational and/or social skills needed to return to their home school as quickly as possible or transition successfully into adulthood.  

Our school provides emotional support and autism support classrooms for students 5-21 years of age.  Our staff is dedicated to ensuring each student has an opportunity to grow to his/her fullest potential. One way we do this is by treating the student’s behavior issues first.  All students who attend New Story experience behavioral difficulties and because of this fact we place a heavy emphasis on the behavioral programming.  However, this is not our only focus.  Students who attend our school maintain an active academic schedule depending upon their strengths and needs.  Some students maintain a more traditional academic schedule consisting of Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies and Social Skills.  Other students have different challenges, such as delayed language and communication skills, which are more appropriately met by our Verbal Behavior programming. Yet other students are nearing graduation and need their programming focused on prevocational/ vocational and life skills programming.  Furthermore, many of our students receive related services such as Speech and Language and/or Occupational Therapy.  New Story Lancaster recognizes each student requires individualization and our programming reflects this reality.

New Story Lancaster also recognizes we need the support of the larger team if we are to achieve lasting change across multiple environments.  Each student’s team at New Story works closely with the local school district, family members and other professionals in the child’s life to create an individualized program to meet their needs. Our highly-skilled educators and therapists monitor the individualized program and make the necessary adjustments needed to ensure optimal growth and success.

Other features of New Story schools include:

  1. Caring Team Members: Our educators and therapists have extensive experience in helping children manage their behaviors. Behavior management is often a necessary first step before the education process can begin. Our schools feature small classes which is conducive to a personal learning environment and provides students with the necessary supports to achieve success.
  2. Family-Like Environment: We make it a priority to ensure students feel as if they belong and are part of the New Story family. We do this by creating a caring, family-like environment where students are free to express themselves in their own way, in the least restrictive environment. We offer traditional school-like activities for students to participate in, such as: holiday programs, field trips, parent-teacher conferences, and, group and individual counseling.
  3. Transition Services: To prepare students for the eventual step forward to the next chapter in their life after high school, we offer Transition Services. Students learn practical skills to help integrate into adult life and in some instances into the workforce.

  4. New Story schools are more than places where a child goes for the day to learn – our schools offer a safe, nurturing, family-like environment that provides for the whole child. New Story schools provide each child with the opportunity to create their own “new story.”